Red Bali  


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24/08/2018 4:28 am  

Premium Red Bali is earthy and aromatic with a raw chocolate aroma. 

Very grounding strain great for pain relief and sleep. It makes for a great mix with a white or green during the day, or my personal favorite in #kratomKoffee 😋 

The burn rate is moderate with onset at about 20 minutes, peaking at 1.5 hours and duration of about 3-6 hours depending on dose and metabolism/tolerance.

I used this strain exclusively while recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed. After only 3 days I was able to stop taking the kratom and had made a full recovery.

This strain has helped with my nerve pain, surgical pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and many other challenges. 

It mixes well with Orange 🍊 juice and has a slightly less bitter taste than other kratom powders making it more palatable.

who else has had a positive experience with Red Bali?



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